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Kidnappers released us in exchage for their leader’s mother – Sheikh Sulaiman



Sheikh Ahmad Sulaiman, a famous Kano Qur’anic reciter, was abducted by kidnappers along Sheme-Kankara road in Katsina State. He spent 13 days in captivity. In this interview, Sheikh Sulaiman recounted his ordeal in the hands of his abductors.

How were you kidnapped?

It happened on Thursday, March 14, 2019, while we were on our way back from Birnin Kebbi. There was a wedding fatiha of three of my daughters scheduled for Friday, March 15. Before then, I had a condolence visit to pay in Birnin Kebbi, but because it had to do with Government House, I had been trying to secure an appointment but couldn’t get it until the day preceding the fateful day. I was told that the wife of the governor asked me to come, first thing the following morning, which I did.

Our car was not sound enough for the long journey, so when we took off, it was giving us problems, such that we had to stop a number of times; hence we arrived Birnin Kebbi late. Consequently, we left there late to return to Kano. The incident happened after we left a village called Kakumi, before we reached Kankara in Katsina State.

The kidnappers appeared in army uniform and began shooting. One of the bullets hit our car. They brought us out, beat us and marched on our backs while we were lying on the ground. Initially, they collected N500,000 and asked us to go, but they later decided to take us with them. They dragged us into the bush. That was about 11pm. We trekked in the bush until daybreak. After trekking the whole night, they took us on motorcycles further into the bush and we arrived a hamlet with small huts that you have to crawl before you get in. After we crawled in, they began to shoot in the air.

Who were the other five captives?

They were my children, brothers and other relatives. That’s how we usually travel.

How would you describe your experience in that place?

It was a terrible experience. We were in constant fear, depression and anxiety. They were always threatening to kill us if their demand was not met. But fortunately, with the help of Allah and the prestige of the Holly Qur’an, they were not able to touch me, especially the leaders of the gang. But sometimes the stubborn ones among the boys attempted to molest us. In fact, one of them even slapped me on the face.

We stayed in a terrible condition. If one wanted to answer the call of nature, one had to seek for their permission. If the permission was granted, they would escort you and hold their guns and machetes until you finished. Again, they hardly allowed us to take a bath, but as the leader of my people, I was allowed to bathe three times throughout our stay with them. Eventually, they said I won’t bathe again, so I spent the last six days with them without taking any bath.

What about the food you ate while in captivity?

Initially, they used to buy food for us, but later, they began to cook. It was always rice, beans and spaghetti with some palm oil and salt. But when I complained about having a bladder problem, they always gave me pap. And that would be my food throughout the day. But food was not an issue for us, what worried us much was the condition we were subjected to. Two or four of them would lie down at the entrance to the hut with their guns facing us. Eight young men were assigned to guard us. They would smoke cigarettes and marijuana and blow the smoke into the hut, abusing and threatening to kill us since our people didn’t care to bring the ransom in time. They issued all sorts of threats.

However, I noticed that some of them are not happy with what they are doing. They complained that they didn’t have cattle and farmland, and when they entered into towns, they were constantly harassed. That’s why they resolved to engage in such dirty business. That’s my understanding of them. So I believe that, should the government intervene, a lot of them, especially the sincere ones, could be rescued. They claim that they are Muslims, but they don’t observe Sallah.

Which language did they speak?

They didn’t speak any other language among themselves except Fulfulde. It’s only when they wanted to talk to us that they would speak Hausa. That’s an indication that they are Fulani.

Were you allowed to recite the Qur’an?

For the 12 days we spent in captivity, I was able to recite the Qur’an from the beginning to the end, at least five and a half times. Every day, I would recite half of the Qur’an and a lot of other azkar (prayers). That was an opportunity I could not get at home. They didn’t prevent me from doing that. It got to a point that they regretted having us in their captivity. They said they had never been so terrified, to the extent that they asked us to pray for them so that they would not be attacked and killed. I believe that had to do with the fervent prayers of all the people for us and what we were doing by ourselves in terms of prayers to regain our freedom.

Did you observe the five daily prayers accordingly?

Sometimes they were the ones that would tell us to come out and pray, even though they didn’t pray themselves. One of them used to pray with us; if he missed he would pray later. He was the one that was telling me to pray for him to stop what he’s doing

Did you meet other captives there?

No, we were the only captives there. When they began to have disagreement among themselves, they changed our location.

What was the disagreement about?

Some of them said they should release us while others said it was a great opportunity to make money. As a result of that, they transferred us to another far location. They told me that the reason for the change of location was that another group was planning to abduct me.

I am the chairman of the State Advisory Council on the Prerogative of Mercy in Kano, so somebody called them and said I was responsible for whosoever was jailed in Kano. So one of them met me in the hut, abused me and threatened that when he returned he would break all my legs. As a result of that threat, trouble ensued among them. They said he should leave me alone since he was not the one that abducted me. I was later told that two of them lost their lives as a result of the fight that ensued among them.

Did you witness the negotiation?

Sometimes it was done in front of me, in other times in my absence. They negotiated in front of me just to scare the party negotiating on our behalf because sometimes they would hear me crying because of frustration. What usually frustrated me was the feeling that my people failed to mobilise the ransom to rescue us, maybe because they didn’t know the kind of condition we were in, not knowing that there was serious effort on the part of security agents who deployed intelligence to rescue us. I didn’t have any means of getting information.

How did the negotiation end?

I was told they were offered N33million, but the money was not completed. They threatened that even if the ransom was paid, they would kill us since one of them was arrested. Somehow they became very terrified. On the night before our release, they came to us and said we should quickly wear our shoes and come out as they learnt that a group was coming to attack them because of us.

We were escorted to a remote location by two of them who were not carrying any weapon, with the intention that if it was confirmed that it was that other group they fought earlier, they would show us where we would follow to escape. It was later realised that those who came were the people that would take us to swap with the mother of the leader of the gang, who was arrested for that purpose.

That was how we were brought, on one side by the kidnapers, and on the other side, the security agents brought the mother of the gang leader and we were swapped in the presence of some military personnel at Danmusa in Katsina State.

We learnt that the mother spent seven days in the hands of the security agents because she initially denied that the man was her son. But eventually, that was the reason for our freedom.

What do you think government should do to salvage the situation?

Government should negotiate with their leaders and provide them with what they said they were lacking, in terms of farming and cattle rearing. If that is done, I believe a lot would change for the better.

-Daily Trust.

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Oshiomhole turning APC into regional minority party — Okorocha



The Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha, said his administration has completed over 1000 projects ready for commissioning by President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said his mission to the State House was to invite Mr Buhari to to commission some of the projects.

Okorocha stated this in an interview with State House correspondents on Monday shortly after he met with Buhari behind closed doors in his office.

The governor also spoke about the controversy surrounding his certificate of return, internal politics of the APC and the need for the South East to be considered for top principal positions at the National Assembly.

Q: What is the true position regarding your certificate of return from INEC?

A: As it stands today, I am just waiting patiently for the release of my certificate of return for an election that I duly won, and I am hoping that INEC will release my certificate of return. I have not contravened any section of the constitution and I have not done anything wrong not to be given my certificate. I pray and hope INEC would do what is just and what is right.

Q: Why are here to see the president?

I came here precisely to discuss with Mr President to come and commission my projects. I have completed the construction of a new Cargo Airport Terminal, Warehouses and cargo sheds that is to be commissioned. I have also completed a new police headquarters and also a new prison headquarters in Imo State. These are federal government projects built by Imo State government. Another landmark project is the Justice Oputa Court – the new Imo State High Court Complex which we have built.

So, we have over a thousand verifiable projects to be commissioned. So I am requesting Mr President to kindly commission the federal ones and see how many of the state’s projects he could commission for me. This is precisely why I am here.

Q: People are wondering why you didn’t complete the 27 model hospitals that you started?

A: Those hospitals are much bigger than the state will need. Those hospitals were built for possible concessions – as people come, they take over the hospitals and equip it. But we have some of them running already – the one in Ikeduru is running, and has been taken over by an American company and we have some taken by some churches and some organizations. That was our style of making Imo State a tourist destination for Nigeria by building these 27 general hospitals with another diagnostic centre and a free child and mother hospital and Imo Medical Centre. So put together, we have 30 hospitals of close to 10,000 beds built by this administration.

Q: The one in Aboh Mbaise seems to have been abandoned?

A: That is part of it too. Those hospitals are meant for people to take. They are more than what the state will need. They are futuristic so to say. But if you notice, they have all been roofed, they have all been tiled, finished and fenced. Why it remains there is because we are looking for management because if we park in now, we may not have the need for it. I was thinking about the future, not now.

Q: Did you discuss your INEC issue with the president?

A: I don’t think that would have been necessary to do because it’s a straight forward matter. INEC conducted election, results were declared – the returning officer declared the results and I won. Only one week later to hear that somebody wrote a petition that he issued that declaration under duress. I say where? Was it in his private house or was it in the collation centre? If it is the collation SSS were there, police were there, international observers, INEC officials and many others. So who actually put him under duress? The man has not been able to say that. Nobody has ever sent a statement about that but I think INEC would want to do the right thing very very soon.

Now, in the same way, the governorship candidate of PDP never won that election because the election flouted section 179 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which says that you must have the highest votes and you must have 25 per cent in two thirds of the local governments. Now, this gentleman who was declared the winner by the same INEC, had 135,000 votes from 24 local government but had over 130,000 votes from his three local governments. Of course you know, he didn’t win that election. But even at that, we had the highest mark, the Returning Officer of INEC was never patient to even calculate to know that it was 200,000 votes where there (was) supposed to be a rerun. Also flouting that basic constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria which says you must have 25 percent in two-third, he doesn’t have it.

So, as far as I am concerned, there will be a rerun in Imo State and the Prof that did that should either be derobed as a professor and he should be charged for that serious offense of not respecting the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. What this means is that someday, one crazy person might just walk on the street and take one mad man, give him result sheet and declare him winner even if the man did not belong to a party. And we are getting to stage in this country that once you are declared, you are declared. This is the crazy thing that is happening in Imo State and also it happened in Okigwe zone where a loser ran away with the result sheet. The person came fifth, and is trying to return himself. Up till now as I speak to you the Okgwe senatorial seat has not been declared. I don’t know what INEC is waiting for because the man who won the election they could not declare him. Now the person who ran with the result sheet, and the Prof ran away to the US, he is not back. So there is a stalemate everywhere, I think INEC should revisit Imo matter.

Q: Why is it that your party is not making any case for you over your certificate of return?

A: I won’t be surprised because, of course, you know the imposition we suffered in the party. When you say the party, you talk about the leadership of that party, it’s not the party. I don’t have problem with the Working Committee of that party, I only have problem with the chairman of that party, who took it upon himself to do the wrong thing against me for just no cause and to fight a battle that he can never win. No, he is the one that is behind all these impositions, can you imagine, as I speak to you the APC candidate in Imo State did not win a seat, APC does not have a councilor in Imo State now, it does not even have a House member. But the AA candidate has eight seats in the Imo State House of Assembly, two Federal House and they have one senator about to come to the senate. This is why internal democracy must be respected, let the will of the people prevail rather than this imposition. It is unfortunate what has happened in Imo State. At least, I have been vindicated for the fact that I said the APC candidate they are imposing on Imo people is not popular, he came from the opposition. When I was the leader of that party, when I was running the affairs of that party, we won 24 seats in the House of Assembly, we have governor, federal house members but today APC does not have because of imposition.

Q: Talking about imposition, what will you say about the mistake of 2015 and the emergence of new leadership for the National Assembly?

A: I have been watching carefully what is happening in the National Assembly, it’s a very interesting drama. But all I ask of them is that they should consider the South East in their calculations. This nation will not be properly balanced if South East is not carried along properly in the affairs of the National Assembly.

Nobody seems to be talking about the South East, it looks like the South East doesn’t have a place anymore, that is wrong, politically speaking and that is not good for APC. Because there is going to be a bigger APC after President Muhammadu Buhari must have left the seat. My fear now is that APC might have a serious set back in 2023 because the Oshiomhole led executive is actually turning APC into a regional minority party which shouldn’t be because of his mistakes. Right now in the whole South East, we don’t have an APC governor. So if there is any discussion in Nigeria now within the APC governors and President Muhammadu Buhari, there would be nobody from the South East.

This is what the APC chairman has done in the South East. I think it’s a capital attempt to frustrate the efforts of the South East but I appeal to every Nigerian to support the cause of the South East – their cause germane and it should be supported in whatever position that is due them. They shouldn’t think about giving South East, whatever position for giving sake. You can’t just wake up and give them any position. South East is a key primary zone in this country and if we don’t get the number one seat, we should get the number two seat.

Q: Has your relationship with Mr President been affected in anyway as a result of the outcome of last elections?

A: As a matter of fact, Buhari is a great man, he is a man of wisdom, a visionary leader. That is why you see some of us going along with him. It’s for what he has upstairs – he can see far that is why he made that declaration in Imo State – “vote according to your conscience”. It was in Imo state that he first used that word. So my relationship with him is not affected in anyway.

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Isi Gate Market, a disaster for Abia State capital, Thompson




A PDP chieftain, Chief Thompson Nwojo, alias Popular, is a grassroots politician. From Idima Abam, Arochukwu LGA, Nwojo has been in politics from the days of the late Owelle of Onitsha, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe’s Nigeria Peoples Party (NPP).

He has been Youths Secretary for Arochukwu LGA, Ward Chairman, Chairman for Markets, and today, an Executive Member, Urban Market, Umuahia. In this interview, he says the continuous trading at Isi Gate, Umuahia defaces the state capital. Excerpts:

Senator T.A. Orji seems the powerful politician in Umuahia at the moment?

Well, he is a good politician, because that is his job. And I believe it was former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu that made him what he became. Of course, one of the problems we are facing in Umuahia is that the successor to T.A. Orji, did not follow his footsteps.

T.A. Orji tried to create a facelift for Umuahia. He relocated the Umuahia Main Market to Urban Market, Ibeku, which is important. Yet, instead of the present government to allow all traders to go there, the government under Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu refused to allow that market to exist, rather they allowed people to continue to trade at Isi Gate. And today, if you go to Isi Gate, with the trading going on there, the place no longer looks like a state capital.

Hoodlums, touts, all manner of atrocities are committed at Isi Gate because of the market there.

So, I am calling on the present government at Umuahia here, to do something, to do the needful, to make sure that they relocate the market to Urban Ibeku. That should be the market, to enable them redesign Umuahia to look like other state capitals.

But Ikpeazu is trying in other areas, but this Isi Gate market has defaced Umuahia and its image now does not depict that of a state capital. I am not castigating, I am only telling them the truth, that people are not happy. We traders are not happy, because they have abandoned the main market and made people to continue to loiter and trade illegally at Isi Gate.

You are on ground here. How do you assess Ikpeazu’s government in Abia?

Well, he is trying his best. Okezie Ikpeazu as a person, as a governor is trying. At least, when you go to Aba, you will see what he has done. Those who go there say he has tried. He has turned Aba to be the Japan of Africa. But I still emphasize that he neglected Umuahia, because of Isi Gate We at Urban, we are suffering.

We are not selling. People are not coming to patronise us. Everyone runs to Isi Gate. Those who returned from outside the state for Christmas, didn’t come to Urban to patronise us, rather, they went to Isi Gate. And majority of those who go to Isi Gate, complain because hoodlums are the order of the day there. Either, they snatch their phones or they snatch their bags, or even lynch people. Even Keke operators are becoming part of the problem there. So, we traders are not happy at the turn of events.

You are from Abam, so, Abam politics should be on your mind now. What would you say about Orji Uzor Kalu as an APC senatorial candidate for Abia North?

As a stakeholder in Abam / Arochukwu, I can say that Okezie Ikpeazu does not need much campaign there, because he has tried to build the Bende – Idima Road, also the Ndi Okereke Akpanabo bridge. But the Ndi Oji – Ozu Abam road is not motorable. Even the Bende – Idima Road is not motorable, because the governor has allegedly refused to release funds to Sampson Orji, the contractor handling the road. Sampson said he has not been paid, the reason he has not completed the about 6-kilometre road. The road was expected to link Ndi Ememe Health Centre, but due to lack of funds, the road was stopped abruptly.

I would appeal to Okezie Ikpeazu, as a peace loving governor, to ensure that sufficient funds are made available so that the road can be completed. The Idima – Bende – Ndi Ememe Health Centre is a very important Abam link road.

Are you saying the contract is a Bende – Idima – Health Centre Road or was awarded to terminate at Sampson’s Assemblies of God Church in Idima Abam.


It was awarded to terminate at the Sampson Orji’s Assemblies of God Church in Idima Abam, and another is expected to be awarded to Health Centre at Ndi Ememe. But the contractor is yet to receive the funds for the first phase and then for the second phase.

You are a PDP man, how do you see the Buhari government?

Buhari government is trying its best. But Buhari has done his best to try to marginalize the Igbo people in terms of political appointments and even in the provision of infrastructure. Buhari is not even delivering on security in the country because many innocent people have died during his tenure; both Christians and Muslims. And he is not serious about checking such killings and deaths across the country. He talks about checking corruption, yet he is being sectional about that too. The most recent is that he is sacking CJN Onnoghen to replace him with his own crony Muslim judge at the Supreme Court.

What do you say about the Biafra agitations. Umuahia is a core Igbo state, and the Biafra agitation is truly alive here?

On the agitations by IPOB, we believe the Igbo is free to express his or her views. But it is unfortunate that when other agitators arise from other parts of the country they are treated with kid gloves, like the Boko Haram, Herdsmen, etc.

These groups have been killing people, yet nobody bans them, nobody labels them, but when it concerns the Igbo, the government comes with its full military force to silence them.

The government has labelled IPOB as a terrorist group. That is not acceptable to our people. Again, to allow the Operation Python Dance to come here and kill our people, maim and destroy the people, dislodge the father of Nnamdi Kanu is not acceptable. Till date, Nnamdi Kanu’s father is no longer living in their ancestral home and nobody is rebuilding his house to enable him return home from forced exile. The herdsmen are killing, but nobody has so far arrested or prosecuted them or banned them as a terrorist group. We are not happy about this


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Nation Building Remains In Vain Without Rule Of Law, Democracy – Hon. Abonta



Hon. Uzoma Nkem-Abonta

Hon. Uzoma Nkem-Abonta represents Ukwa East/Ukwa West federal constituency of Abia state in the House of Representatives. He speaks with George Opara, on the prevailing disquiet and crisis being experienced in some State Houses of Assembly, implications of breaching the rule of law  and promise of Igbo Presidency in 2023.


Ahead of 2019 general elections, rival political parties are seen in the struggle to take over some State Houses of Assembly. What does this action portend to our nascent democracy?

Every state governor would like to be in control of the State Assembly because it is the legislative arm of government. Therefore, for them to think that they have stability, they will like to control the State Assembly, likewise, the opposition parties in the state.

They want to penetrate the state Assemblies in the hope to check the activities of the governor and, his excesses.

So, the soul of the State Assembly is now necessary for the survival of the governor or the opposition party to make an inroad toward wrestling the state power from the government because the various state Assemblies could destabilise a governor. A strong opposition state Assembly could increase the fortunes of the opposition party by pointing out the ills of the ruling party.

For democracy, I will say it is healthy so long as it is done in a democratic manner. And, so long as it is done within the confines and means provided by the framework of the constitution. That is to also say so long as constitutionality is being maintained, it is healthy. But if it is done with impunity and spirit of victimisation, it is unhealthy.

Also, you can see that some governors will make the State House of Assembly members to help them do what they want to do.

And it leads to the issue of divide and rule in the legislature where the governor will prefer to do more things for those whom he believes. That is why you see the madness of the minority in a bid to impeach the majority with less than one-third members which is a shortfall of the required number approved by the constitution.

This situation happens because there is an apparent crack between the speaker and governor. So, any number can attempt to carry out impeachment and to that extent, our democracy is being endangered for selfish interest.

The constitution provided a window for the National Assembly to have a say in such a situation but regrettably it has not been able to exercise a full control of the situation even though it was provided that certain conditions must apply if it is impossible to govern. And where you see seven members trying to impeach a group of twenty-one members and the latter try to exercise their rights, it becomes ungovernable.

So, we should watch it and refrain from doing things likely to hurt our democracy.

Nigeria runs a constitutional democracy. But can you say that the actions and inactions of various layers of government in the country are in compliance with the principles of constitutional democracy?   

First of all, we say that we are running a federal system of government. But in practice, what we see is a unitary system of government. The government we have now by its operations, it portends a unitary system. Federalism in its entirety is not being practiced as professed by the constitution. And the constitutionality as enshrined by our extant law and grand norms is also not adhered to. The government told us upon coming to power that it would stand by the rule of law. The extent the rule of law is being used is what we have seen. We are far from complying with the rule of law.

If you use the statistics of human rights to compare, you will now notice that it is far from compliance. If our Human Rights records as provided by the Amnesty International and other human rights agencies, we can see a downward trend of abuses.

In effect, the International community and particularly the United States of America based on our human rights records will deny us purchase of arms through the official means.  And by this denial, it will give rise to all sorts of criminalities. And we may be unable to fight it because we don’t have enough sophisticated arms. And we can’t buy clearly from the black market because it is very difficult. And we are compounding the issue by not adhering to the principles of fundamental human rights as provided by the constitution.

I, therefore, advise that the present government should try as much as it could to obey all laws, particularly when a high court and other relevant courts make an order, the order should be obeyed to the letter, otherwise, it will lead to anarchy. Failure to obey orders from a court of competent jurisdiction spells doom.

We have three arms of government. The Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. They ought to function independently. And for the judiciary to say one thing and the executive practices another thing and the legislature will not be able to assert its independence is dangerous.  No country practicing presidential system of government and democracy can develop the democratic values without a strong presence of the rule of law. So, I want to advocate that rule of law should be practiced seriously. All political parties should abide by the rule of law in its entirety in our democratic setting.

It will not augur well when courts give an order and political parties or the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, will disobey it. Often, they hide under the pretext of appeal to do a lot of things. It doesn’t portend well for us as a country. What we should do is to first, obey the court order and after, challenge it. Often times, the excuse of insecurity was given. But I want to ask, security issues and rule of law, which is superior?

Some people tend to believe that security issue ranks over and above the rule of law. But I want us to balance it.  Rule of law will bring about good security and disobedience to rule of law, will aggravate the security problems. So, I don’t think security issue rank over and above rule of law. However, by abiding to the rule of law where it conflicts with security issue, you can develop a template that will help to check and monitor it seriously.

I want to advise the political party in power to take necessary steps towards ensuring that rule of law is being obeyed. The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo is an intelligent lawyer. So, he understands what the rule of law is all about. So, the world not just Nigeria is expecting him to advise accordingly.

The rule of law should be practiced and maintained. Without the rule of law, in vain we Labour and, the act of nation building will remain in vain. You should not only practice the rule of law but should let the common man in the street know that we are being guided by certain grand norms. That is the way out, otherwise, our democracy is being jeopardised.

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Boss Mustapha said Igbo 2023 Presidency will be achieved if the people support the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 general elections. What is your take on this?

Is Boss Mustapha having the presidency? Is he the custodian? Can he decide where it goes, no? What he said is mere campaign promises. He is campaigning for his boss. This is expected of him. So, I don’t think that he is in a position to offer what he cannot give. He is merely campaigning. Promises are allowed in campaign but don’t make promises you can’t keep.

However, that promise also is alluding to the fact that the presidency of Igbo extraction is overdue. That we can see.  It is now being used as a trap to draw the Igbo. But he knows that Igbo is wise. They will, therefore, decide where they will go in 2019 general elections.

For Mustapha to even make the promise, it is not new. Was such a promise not made in 2011 and 2015? So, why will it not be made in 2019 and even beyond?

It is for the Igbo to know through history because if you study history, you can predict the future. It is for them to sit down and analyse their situation and know where they can key in.

I don’t think Mustapha spoke the truth. If you go to his depth of his mind, he will tell you, I just made a political statement. So, people should place a second thought to it and not put theirweight. It is a mere campaign talk.

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