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BBNaija: ‘You have poverty mentality’ – Omashola, Frodd, Esther clash



Big Brother Naija, BBNaija house was in disarray Friday morning after housemates awoke from Thursday night party.

It all started when Omashola could not find any egg with which to make breakfast while others hid eggs in different corners of the house.

Esther, who was in the kitchen, told Omashola to stop shouting about eggs and find something else to eat. But Omashola would have none of that as he picked a quarrel with housemates hiding foodstuffs away from the kitchen.

Frodd, who has feelings for Esther, stepped in and got into an argument with Omashola.

Frodd told Omashola: “Stop shouting and find something else to eat. Seyi hid three eggs, some people too. Stop shouting on just Esther.

“At age 38, you are not mature, be shouting up and down and fighting for an egg. I will humble you.”

Omashola, who shouted back at him, described housemates hiding foodstuffs as being self-centred, adding that the food is for everyone and should be left in the kitchen.

“The crate of egg was there last night, this morning I didn’t see any egg, all of a sudden they were bringing eggs from different places to cook personally, Esther brought hers out and I asked her to give me and she ignored me

“Frodd, Esther, all of you hiding eggs have a poverty mentality.

“They hide food in this house and it is not good. Frodd bring out the food make housemates chop am,” he said.

BBNaija 😂😂😂😂 Mike is a legend of minding his business. omashola threw bread on the floor , then picked it up Mike walked and took 2 slices .

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BBNaija: Venita warns Gedoni over sudden ‘afffection’



Big Brother Naija, BBNaija, housemate, Venita has issued a stern warning to fellow housemate Gedoni over his love interest.

It would be recalled that Venita was on Sunday angry at Khafi for discussing her with other housemates.

Speaking to Gedoni after the eviction show she told him she doesn’t care about Khafi and would have him if she decides to.

But, Gedoni since Sunday has been getting closer to Venita and making advances at her.

Venita not pleased with his affection towards her, told Sir Dee to warn Gedoni to stay away from her.

She said: “Gedoni is suddenly showing me affection and I’m tired. I do not want Khafi’s trouble.

“Please warn him to stay away.”

TIMELY POST recalls that the BBNaija love-birds, Khafi and Gedoni had on different occasions been caught in the house having sex.

The inseparable pair had been caught on camera having passionate sex under the sheets while other housemates were fast asleep.

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BBNaija: Why Tacha avoids ‘Truth or Dare’ games with mates – Mercy



Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Mercy, Thursday, disclosed why Tacha snubs other housemates during ‘Truth or Dare’ games in the house.

The BBNaija housemates after every Saturday night party engages in ‘Truth or Dare’ game.

However, Tacha has never participated in the game since her first day in the reality show.

Mercy, while speaking with Venita on Thursday, said Tacha does not participate during Saturday night games because she respects herself, and does not want anyone to hurl insults at her.

“Don’t you see, Tacha does not play Truth and Dare with Housemates.

“It is because she has self-respect. She does not want anyone insulting her over a game,” Mercy told Venita.

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BBNaija: Why Diane shouldn’t be evicted this Sunday – Gedoni



Big Brother Naija, BBNaija, housemate, Gedoni on Tuesday appealed to Nigerians to save Diane from possible eviction this week.

TIMELY POST had reported that seven BBNaija housemates, including Mike, Seyi, Mercy, Diane, Frodd, Jackie and Gedoni, have been selected for possible eviction this week.

The housemates were nominated after the ‘Cruistopia team’ were defeated during the arena game challenge.

Elozonam, who won the veto power on Sunday, saved Venita and replaced her with Frodd from her team, ‘Cruistopia’.

Gedoni, while speaking to Big Brother during Tuesday diary session, said he wants Diane to be saved from eviction on Sunday because she needs to learn to be a better person from the housemates.

Gedoni said this when Biggie asked who he would like to save from possible eviction on Sunday.

“I see BBnaija as a training ground and as much as Diane feels she has learned I feel she needs to earn more. She stands a big chance if not evicted of being a better person.

“Nigerians should vote for her and push her to stay in BBnaija house because I feel like she needs more training.”

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